Altered Dead – Returned to Life (Rotting Death Groove)


I have this feeling now when I see a cover like this from any band in the “death metal” party (political reference) that it’s going to be a little unusual, a little against the grain, and also a little enjoyable, for once. Yes, I said it. Anyway, so Canada’s Altered Dead have been but a festering sore since their inception releasing a single, a demo, and a full-length that were all S/T and basically with more tracks added as they went on because fuck it. Since they got that S/T business out of their system, they’re here to burst pustules with Returned to Life.


The title certainly says “Cannibal Corpse worship imminent” and the opening horror piano bit “Necrophagia mimicry imminent,” but man did Altered Dead prove my ass wrong. Returned to Life is chaotic, it manipulates, and it violates. Part of that lies in the album’s groove, something far too many bands avoid, perhaps because they’re afraid the listener will think “Impetigo worship also imminent,” when in fact there needs to be more groove rather than the usual assault with solos. This is not to say that Altered Dead are a feature of the week in this regard, rather they craft an evil, bludgeoning type of death metal that more bands would be wise to consider viable, ’cause it is.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Altered Dead – Returned to Life
Fucking Kill Records, Memento Mori

Cover Art: abomination.Maleo (Matt Sidney)
4.6 / 5