Julinko – no destroyer (Abject Loneliness Ghost Pop)


Ahhh, now I can relax! See, I get tons and tons of metal submissions, little noise (most of that sux), some punk (usually sux), some hardcore (mostly sux), and so forth (most of it truly sux). Rarely do I get anything splendid of the ambient variety, or especially pop that takes the dark style aesthetic as done by Venetian canal-spectre Julinko, who’s latest release of abject loneliness, no destroyer, happened to come into my promo box at the right time. Fashioned alone, as such music should be, she found inspiration in the disease lockdown to draw the impersonal dread within her and poison the listener with it. So enjoy lol!


Julinko’s previous release, Nèktar, is far less delicate than no destroyer on many levels. In fact, it’s largely a totally different genre (drone). This time around, showing a supreme level of adaptability, she has crafted ghostly pop that never steps beyond its ethereal shroud for long enough to draw even a discernible beat arrangement or riff march. Rather, the goal is one of atmosphere, defying the usual electronic structures ambient requires. Julinko has instead developed the expected sound without any of its typical features. These are all approximated by other means, crafting a darkly beautiful collection of tracks that finish sooner than you’d like. If I have one complaint it’s that her last release went a grand distance and no destroyer is like a final angst gasp that immediately retracts into the human shell it emanated from, but it was still tantalizing to my murky soul.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Julinko – no destroyer
Dio Drone, Dischi Devastanti sulla Faccia, Ghost City Collective

Cover Art: Marco Zanella
4.3 / 5