Omination – NGR (Collapsing Cathedral Post-Apocalyptic Funeral Doom)


I wasn’t sure what to think of this one, at first, but I know I needed to listen. We’ve got tons of references built into that cover all under the post-apocalyptic banner: Knights Templar dude (maybe Blind Dead) with anime sword, Mad Max car in Dune sand, some Dark Tower castle, maybe Dracula, four horsemen, maybe X-Men, Christ, maybe Apocalypse, I mean it’s quite the cornucopia of post-apocalyptic visions. So let’s just stick with that, this is post-apocalyptic something-rather. Alright so we got theme out of the way what about that genre? Thankfully our task is a lot easier there, because Omination is clearly of the funeral doom variety with some death and black tossed in on occasion. Now let’s move on to substance, shall we? Because I haven’t made it sound very appealing thus far.


NGR (The New Golgotha Repvbliq) is perhaps too big for anyone’s mind to grasp, including my feeble simian brain. I thought I was smart, but I’m clearly like Homo Erectus level when I try to explain something like this. The art should have clued you in to something beyond thy grasp, though. Omination, probably the best metal act coming out of Tunisia IMO, create lumbering, orchestral marches like a medieval mass in a collapsing cathedral in the middle of its implosion. The vocals are powerful and certain of their weight, the choral passages are like wailing ghosts, the riffs go from dissonant to sensual, goddamn this shit is good. That’s about all I got as a means of summarizing its greatness. There is, suffice to say, a lot of thought that went into NGR, and for a genre that tends to drag as its main aesthetic, Omination have here done things I could have never anticipated. Strongly recommended.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Omination – NGR
Hypnotic Dirge Records

Cover Art: Fedor Kovalevsky
4.8 / 5