Carcinoma – Labascation (Chaotic Blackened Death Swirl)


Man sometimes I feel like this face here. All melty and swirly and shit. I should be more specific in saying I want to feel like this face here. I’m not there yet, I need something to bring the transformation to fruition, and Carcinoma should be able to deliver if only for the fact that their name references skin melting through cancer. Luckily, this album delivers the melt face sonically as well, implicit from the opening track, which builds simple distortion into the incongruous nature of Labascation.


Carcinoma have a certain way of distorting reality, let’s say. Labascation takes uncertain turns and in sudden breaking points degrades into incoherent roars, swirls of chaotic riff, and echoing “beast from the pit” vocals. I have yet to tire of this kind of delivery, but these guys are a bit more chaotic than what the listener would anticipate. There is swallowing effect to Labascation that pulls the listener into its maw without you realizing it’s occurred. Unlike other bands who take the chaotic route, however, Carcinoma provides more structure so your mind can at least grasp at threads of its previous reality as it falls into nothing. By the end, you question you sense of structure and your definitions of death metal, and for this alone I recommend a listen.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Carcinoma – Labascation
Rat King Records

Cover Art: Karmazid
4.5 / 5