Evil – Possessed by Evil (Stop Being So Good Japanese Blackened Thrash)


Oh my gosh can Japan stop being so good? Seriously they’re always so good. Why is any genre that country touches so good? Man something going on over there, I swear. That brings us to the unassuming blackened thrash outfit Evil, who chose perhaps the most obvious name of all for this type of music. And further in their purposeful redundancy and staying true to form as the Japanese go about mastering everything musically on the planet, their obviously titled Possessed by Evil comes with what first appear obvious punches, but they’re so damn good you won’t realize it’s actually a takedown setup until it’s too late.


Evil opens with a drum assault that drags the listener quickly into their particularly brash form of blackened thrash. Echoing shrieks, clean, blistering solos, sudden tremolo bursts, and, most certainly, clear expertise in riff structure and arrangement fills the whole of Possessed by Evil. There is a certain level of intimidation to Evil’s style that charges this one on nuclear waste off the rails for the entirety. I hate using a train reference for this type of music, but Evil proves they’ve got it down, Japanese style, to a so damn good level that trains are all that comes to mind. If anything I hoped for some more experimenting, but it cannot be argued Possessed by Evil doesn’t succeed for the type of style it represents. The Japanese are just too damn good for that.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Evil – Possessed by Evil
Dying Victims Productions, Nuclear War Now! Productions

Cover Art: Unknown
4.4 / 5