Perihelion Gnosis – Syzugial Summoning (Young Lad Death Doom Mastery)


I love primitive art if done right, and yes this would be an example. There’s a certain crudeness to this type of style that in the hands of a master speaks like a dejected sociopath scribbling esoteric nonsense during study hall. Perihelion Gnosis, in only a mere two tracks, makes it clear he’s easily captured the essence of death doom in Syzygial Summoning.


Well damn I had to look that word up for sure. What matters here is not whether I get that, it’s what Perihelion Gnosis has to say, because he only provides himself a short amount of space in which to do it. The band is currently one member, Caleb Simard, who’s messed around in a few basement projects, mostly alone, hating life, and running the gamut of black and death. Syzygial Summoning fits more in the death doom sphere, and man does this guy kill it. He drags the listener through a thick morass that never truly expires, in spite of moments of clarity in production. It always seems to be at the edges of the sound, not quite distant, but neither is it close and overwhelming. And would you believe this kid is only about 16 years old? Damn, and he’s already doing this? Pay attention the rest of you.


Caleb Simard Personal Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Perihelion Gnosis – Syzygial Summoning
Caligari Records

Cover Art: Joel Rask
4.5 / 5

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