Chainsword – Blightmarch (Dakka Dakka Metal)


Ooooh those angry, angry Poles playing their video games. Still getting out that war angst I suppose. It’s understandable, the country was wrecked by subjugation and terror for like five-hundred years until the end of WWII, so I’d be pretty pissed too. But hey, I’ll allow it for at least one reason, that being that the Polish spirit has led to some of the best death metal you should be listening to, and there’s a unique sound to Chainsword that only a discerning listener will catch. It may seem strange that it comes with orc and FPS references so please note this fact and let’s kill some stuff dakka dakka-style with their latest, Blightmarch.


So how best to discuss this? War metal would come to mind, but that’s a mistake in mixing theme with sound, so I’m going with dakka dakka metal for all the gamers out there. Chainsword have a rough, discernible sound that would fit practically any FPS rundown. So what I’m saying is this stuff kills for shooting nuubs in a team PvP with lots of guns and quick-scoping. Most listeners will enjoy Chainsword for their gutsy, angry approach to what most will categorize as death metal, but beneath is a thematic angle of a bunch of gamers who are actually tough and will totally beat your ass in real life. Plus, Poland just has this way with manly metal. Maybe it’s a purge of all that loss during the wars and subjugation, or maybe they’re just beasts genetically. Whatever the cause, Blightmarch is a total slammer and will make you want to shoot the face off of everything that has one, in a digital setting only, of course.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Chainsword – Blightmarch
Godz Ov War Productions

Cover Art: Wilson Germán Arrieta
4.6 / 5