Monarch – Future Shock (Retro Post-Apocalyptic Alien Stuff Thrash)


Well make this the second thrash band of recent development I reviewedm but I still have the same opinion I’ve always had; thrash needs a few things to survive these days. Obviously the music needs to slam, that’s without need of explanation. But theme and lead are key. Devils and shit is blackened in the uncool sense, unless we’re leaning into vile territory with indiscernible riffing. Back in the day songs of swords and sorcery and space were essential, but today trite without the proper lead. Mate those tired ideas to wake them into a state of midlife crisis with a vocalist looking to give one last gasp, and maybe you’ve got it going on. This is basically what you’ll find in Future Shock.


Probably one of the last bands in existence to prefer their own website over Bandcamp with at least one track up for fans to sample I mean Jesus Christ WTF, Monarch are modern thrash and I could stop there. But yes, you seek and find blistering riff action, sick solos, incessant drumming, excellent production, need I go on? As I’ve said in the past, though, thrash needs a lead to carry itself. Generally speaking the vocals here work; when he needs to roar he can do it and the cleans are acceptable. Certain ranges, however, seem out of grasp. A few shrieks cut like a thirteen-year-old mid-pube, but thankfully, as a whole, the carry is sufficient. The themes run the usual post-apocalyptic alien stuff I’ve seen out of more successful thrash bands, but with the cover by (gasp!) Marc Sasso it’s already set up for moderate success and your mind fills in the gaps.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Monarch – Future Shock

Cover Art: Marc Sasso
4.1 / 5