Ghostrunner (Cyberpunk Head Removal Sword Game)


Phew dang do I have a huge backlog of games to review. Here I am thinking I have all my serious life work pretty much done and then I convince myself I need to edit a textbook. Damn it. Well, I’ll have more time to play and stream in a few months, don’t worry, but here’s one I’ve picked at for several hours now and holy shit how could I not review it?! An action platformer cyberpunk death slash game? Lol of course Ghostrunner was going to kill. First-person smash fests are rarely to this level. The story, everything is just a total smash.


In Ghostrunner you play a reawakened super-soldier peace-keeping (sarcasm) robot named Jack who’s primary task is to liberate a super-AI entity named the “Architect” in a post-apocalyptic tower community. That’s the best I have for a summary, it’s a dense plot unveiled as you play, so the real question is does it slam? Ghostrunner involves extremely quick play with you parkouring over practically everything whilst removing heads and torsos from various scrubs with a variety of cyberpunk “please let this be the real future” skills. As expected any new trick you learn is slowly introduced, and as it builds you’re a total master of the craft of head removal. What works so well is the player essentially becomes part of the story through how the game is played. As a reawakened ghostrunner who has no clue WTF is going on, you pretty much have no clue WTF is going on, dying almost immediately at the first real battle, but as the story develops, you as the player develop with it. Quite a seamless integration of controller and the controlled. With recent updates this is a must-purchase fools.


Ghostrunner Official Website

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

One More Level, Slipgate Ironworks (developers), All in! Games, 505 Games (publishers)
5 / 5