Coscradh – Mesradh Machae (The Heads of the Men Who Have Been Slaughtered)


For as loonnnggg as this album title is it certainly is short! But, man, Ireland’s Coscradh prove they can get it done in under fifteen minutes. Fook extra tracks, Mesradh Machae is good to go in only two and it fares far better than submissions I received this past month that last over thirty minutes or more. Some bands can just do that. Perhaps its their violent approach, but whatever the cause this one does exactly what’s necessary in little time.


Well these guys really like it short because other than this 7″ EP they have a demo, and another EP almost as short. If that’s their approach forevermore, I dig it. Mesradh Machae is gross. There’s a hardcore punk edge behind the blackness, with a taste of thrash, recorded in a bubbling puke bog. If there’s one way to make that sound work, it’s adding sick echo to the vocals, and yay, that’s exactly what they do. Plus there’s shrieking like a dying dog, and that’s always good. This is the kind of thing you pull out when someone you don’t like asks what you listen to, just to make sure they go away forever.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Coscradh – Mesradh Machae
Invictus Productions

Cover Art: Seventh Bell Artwork (Jack Welch)
4.6 / 5