Morbid Breath – In the Hand of the Reaper (Fooking Death Thrash)


Oh yeah we got some death thrash here with fooking dragons, fooking castles, fooking crumbling stairs, fooking medieval torture devices, fooking lightning, and yeah even a fooking grim reaper crowning all of it with a fooking scythe. And being that Morbid Breath is also from fooking Sweden, you can anticipate that In the Hand of the Reaper is going to slay. But there is something fooking strange about it that permits it to rise above the usual fooking trash I receive.


Morbid Breath has a certain simplicity to their approach they’re not shy to wear on their chests. The riffs are kept at an accessible level; grinding, powerful, and quite familiar. Yet, there’s a more modern technique here that is not immediately noticeable until a few listens. Echoing vocals, power chord runs, slimy drums, wait, what the fook is this exactly? In the Hand of the Reaper has all the death thrash trappings, but it also manipulates both death and thrash to create a sound not quite one or the other, yet also not quite death thrash. How the hell else to fooking explain it? Just listen goddamn it.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Morbid Breath – In the Hands of the Reaper
Redefining Darkness Records

Cover Art: Hellish Maggot
4.5 / 5