Malgöth – Primordial Dawn (Psychotic Death Metal)


So I was in the mood for some absolutely bestial, war-torn, tortuous death metal today and wow here I get some psychotic stuff instead (that’s better). Canadian pummel lords Malgöth are one of those random Iron Bonehead releases that just came out of frikken nowhere. Though at least one of the members has an extensive career, the band itself is pretty much a random land mine in an unexpected location that blows off all four limbs, and your face, leaving you to deal with the psychological trauma for years and maybe you’ll get a pity handjob out of it. Primordial Dawn, for all its brevity, will leave you in such a state of existence.


Lol this is only four tracks? How? It feels like a million. Malgöth is, simply put, psychotic. That’s in every sense of the psychological terminology. Primordial Dawn is a break from reality. It’s delusional, hallucinatory, and gives you flat affect and emotional liability the likes of which the most manic-depressive of tortured souls could not even conjure off of meds. Vocals swirl down a wormhole, shrieking for release, the riffs are like shock treatment, with the same amount of damage to the nervous system. Add some heart attack bass and drums incessantly driving into your head, and you get this. It will drive the most sane person insane, and the most insane sane, for a brief spell until they realize it represents who they are and then they go insane again lol.


Malgöth Official Bandcamp

Malgöth – Primordial Dawn
Iron Bonehead Productions

Cover Art: Zach Smith
4.7 / 5