Hexorcist – Evil Reaping Death (Old School Florida Death Metal Lol)


Oh great, here we have some more old school death metal. Can you take any more? Can I? Well, if it’s stuff like Miami Florida-based Hexorcist, then the answer is actually yes, believe it or not. But what does this type of sound entail? I could drop names to make it clear, but for the sake of sounding more verbose and elite, it is best to define this “old school” sound one of grimy production quality, a lack of ornament and experimentation, and a raw, aggressive atmosphere. Now, in the modern day the way this needs to succeed is by uniting the old with the new, which Evil Reaping Death accomplishes better than most. Coming from a demo, this is a fine debut.


Hexorcist’s primary strength is their hesitance at slowing their assault. After the expected atmospheric, creepy intro shit that is an absolute necessity (apparently), we get right into the crush, and it pretty much continues at that specific rate for the majority. Later they toss in some organ creepy and other niceties, but the primary drive of Evil Reaping Death is the “old school.” Like any band of this ilk, that approach can have the tendency to rot within a few tracks, but Hexorcist’s awesome solo command and the echoing, vile vocal delivery keeps it lively, yet corrupt. Perhaps simplistic in approach, but nothing you’ll find. The question is, will it still terrify people if I have my windows down and the volume ridiculously high? Yes. Lol.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Hexorcist – Evil Reaping Death
Godz ov War Productions, Memento Mori, Unholy Prophecies

Cover Art: Johny Prayogi
4.6 / 5