Decrepisy – Emetic Communion (Filthy Neologism Metal)


Now here’s something that sounds like dying in a pile of rotting wastes the regurgitated bile disgorged from a pestilent pseudo-phallus or what not. You’ve probably heard it all in reference to metal like this; disgusting riff offal, subslime stank, putrid remorse wastes, vomitous carnage machine, etc. How many clever words can I use for “filth?” Lol, you think this is Angry Metal Piehole? Please. I have better things to do, 100% you won’t read more than 10 words in a review, why write more? Let’s just keep it simple, and maybe a little filthy if I feel like it. Probably not.


Decrepisy is a neologism for the type of stuff they play. Emetic Communion, in making reference to baptizing one’s self in vomit, is clear on its themes. The sound is thick like mucous of the dying stillbirths of a rotting womb from a shat out mutated bloat mother and the songs long and sickening like a splitting ligament stretched thin from gangrenous rot spread by little worms that do some other filthy things. As such, these creepos are rather skilled at the disgusting type of death metal I can enjoy regularly, but do they bring anything exceptional to the table? Not entirely, no. It’s satisfying in its oozing putriditity (I can neologism too), but this is its primary offering to its altar of puking and don’t expect more.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Decrepisy – Emetic Communion
Chaos Records, Life After Death, Seed of Doom

Cover Art:Kyle House
4 / 5