Black Mass – Feast of the Forbidden Tree (Blackened “The Metal”)


Oooo here’s a nice one. I likea me some thrash of the more violent type, but there’s more to this than that. And, to be honest, I thought Black Mass was going to be some power metal RPG bullshit about barbarians stealing your women but it ended up being sickened blackened old school thrash WTF? Well, I for one am not adverse to surprises, so SURPRISE this is old school thrash with some blackened elements (and other stuff) that just happens to have an RPG cover. Feast at the Forbidden Tree keeps that old school smash strong in a clever combination.


So these guys aren’t up for any awards for originality. They shred, the riffs chug like a machine gun with a skilled ammo reloader keeping the shells coming, the vocals can belt with clarity or with fury, as he wishes, and so forth. Though there are some fairly unique details they toss in like some creepy intro stuff and acoustics, in essence, Feast of the Forbidden is about thrash assault and that’s it. Or, well, actually, okay, so you’ve got some speed, and some heavy metal tossed into the works, but, nicely, to the extent that you won’t notice the melding. As such, Black Mass are not simply here about the thrash, they’re here about “the metal,” and they deliver a blackened slab of the char that takes some chewing to get to the blood, but it’s a juicy center once you give it a second.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Black Mass – Feast at the Forbidden Tree
Redefining Darkness Records

Cover Art: Mick (Mike) Hoffman
4.7 / 5