Tentation – Le Berceau des Dieux (Better Than Maiden French Heavy Metal)


Awwww yeah. I feel like I need to say that here. I mean I probably have said it elsewhere but this particular releases warrants a classic awwww yeah because it itself is classic heavy metal, but with a beautiful French twist that actually is true beef instead of queef. Sorry, French, we know the stereotypes, but let’s for once look past them, and not even directly mention them, as we consider the greatness that is Tentation, a band that not only is French, but which saturates its music in all that is français. This level of cultural presence is, however, not the only component, but one component in what is an absolute ripper.


Aw man this rips. Tentation have heavy metal down, like so good you’ll be surprised they’ve barely been around that long. Considering their rather small output, or rather just forget that, they just roooooool. Le Berceau des Dieux checks all the required boxes; the solos fly from the fretboards, the vocals cry falsetto like a seasoned champ, the harmonics, the rally cries, the delicate Satanism, the ugghhhh it’s all just too good to explain with mere anologies. Actually, it’s rather easy, I daresay this is seriously better than Maiden. Lol, owned. Let’s just stop there.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Tentation – Le Berceau des Dieux
Gates of Hell Records

Cover Art: Carlos Palma Cruchaga
4.8 / 5