Ender Lilies (Tender Spirit Summoning Metroidvania Game)


Beautiful, just beautiful. I’ve been picking at Ender Lilies for some time now, as I like to get the full feel of this type of game. You never know, they can start out strong, and finish as absolute trash due to weak mechanics and repetitive themes. But I doubted that from the beginning, and I should have just went for the review earlier so I would have out in time. Oh well, just STFU. Placed inside a dark fantasy world, Ender Lilies is an action RPG that puts you in control of a young girl named Lily who seeks to unravel the mystery of a grim rain that has turned all living things into pseudo-beings called the “blighted.” Well that starts off good so neat. But like does it game?


Ender Lilies is similar to many types of metroidvania titles with the expected double-jumps and so forth, but it develops itself in more unique ways that creates an interactive atmosphere. Lily herself cannot truly attack, rather as you progress you gain control of cursed entities that can be summoned and which have a variety of powers (sword slashing, tossing shit over cliffs, etc.). These can be swapped out and arranged as the user sees fit, boosted further by abilities and relics you acquire throughout the world of “Land’s End.” This provides the player with a sense of play-self where Lily can be designed to fit any particular playstyle, instead of the player working with what is merely provided. But the beauty here also lies in the game’s design, which takes a softer, anime approach to darkness with exquisite scenery and sound effects. Big creep bosses, tender story moments, Ender Lilies is a masterwork of the genre so like get it.


Ender Lilies Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Ender Lilies
Adglobe, Live Wire (developers), Binary Haze Interactive (publisher)
4.8 / 5