Azothyst – Blood of Dead God (Poisonous Blackened Death Metal)


Well I knew this one was going to be a poisonous brain melt based on the skewed English in the title, Blood of Dead God. And then there’s the cover, which at once looks like classic etching, but is a conglomerate of disgust, which apparently is developed further in the jacket which is, quote from the label, “flooded with gore.” Perfect description of the music, actually, because most certainly some sinews were snapped, much blood was spilt, and various bodily expulsions were witnessed whilst Azothyst created this bubbling virulent offering in a chalice rusted from years of misuse.


Man what a mind slay sirs (and madams, or whatever). Azothyst are currently shrouded in mystery, but honestly it shouldn’t be that way. This is a band that’s loud enough, figuratively and literally, to make headway in the swamp of blackened death. Blood of Dead God is like a feral wolfen half-breed pieced together from unwanted parts, but brought to life through neither science nor occult; perhaps it was merely an accident. Riffs lash out at obtuse angles with a surprisingly coherent roaring for the vocals more akin to a sermon than a singer. Barely palpable as it is, were it more than a mini-LP it would probably kill you or some shit. There’s like five different limited vinyl versions too so WTF it’s like beyond reason.


Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Azothyst – Blood of Dead God
Dark Descent Records, In Fastu Negas, Vault of Dried Bones

Cover Art: Artem Grigoryev
4.8 / 5