Putrevore – Miasmal Monstrosity (No Name-Dropping Brutal Death Metal)


This is one of those releases where you could drop a load of names by means of comparison and that would be the review. Hell it has one dude from Avulsed and another from Paganizer so…for fans of… But I’ve never liked that approach because it eschews a discussion of the band itself, in this case Spain’s Putrevore, a pile of guttural spew that needs no introduction beyond that.


If the cover doesn’t lead your expectations, not sure what to say, I’m still not going to drop a single fooking band name in this. Miasmal Monstrosity sees Putrevore at full form. The riffs churn and bubble with a deeper tone than most, the drums chug on the tracks to keep tempo, and the bass serves as more of a dense backdrop to give way to the abyssal vocals, which are kept generally to a resonating, low tone throughout. As such, this is classic, old school death metal defined. Putrevore are certainly not transgressing the standards of what’s been set before, but at the same time they provide a smasher that survives continual listens.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Putrevore – Miasmal Monstrosity
Xtreem Music

Cover Art: Daemorph Art (Andriy Tkalenko)
4.3 / 5