Amid Evil (Retro Dark Fantasy Literally Slay FPS)


Well now, though I’m technically late on this one, I received it late, because I asked late, and, well, you know how that goes. Yes, I suck. Actually I was interested in checking out another title by New Blood Interactive, their more recent Ultrakill, but once I saw this beauty I said now hold on sir… And here we are like a year later and I’m finally reviewing an earlier game lol. I remember when the FPS phenomenon began. Shortly after the greats, and you know which ones, variations came out aplenty, but one of the more interesting types was the dark fantasy angle. New Blood, masters of the retro FPS revival, are taking said path with Amid Evil, and man does it slay. Like you literally can do that with axes and shit. This is legit, literal slay, literally.


Amid Evil places you in control of an unnamed champion, former heretic, and otherwise literal beast who with magical weapons sets off to slay a variety of evil creatures. That’s your story, any more would have been literally superfluous. Much like its original predecessors, this retro slay focuses on grinding through different areas until eventual bosses make their appearance. There are the expected secrets, keys, and a variety of weapons with a rather smooth interface. That’s the basics. Where this game really literally slays is the atmosphere. Amid Evil‘s retroscapes are vibrant and horrifying, with one of the greatest soundtracks I’ve come across in the FPS genre. That aspect is particularly critical for the retro variety, which tends to rely far too much on making the game feel “old” without realizing that it will play old too. Never a good thing. Here, with Amid Evil, we have a true retro masterpiece.


Amid Evil Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Amid Evil
Indefatigable (developer), New Blood Interactive (publisher)
4.8 / 5

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