Murder House (Retro Survival Horror)


Harkening back to the days of the original Sony PlayStation (PS1), Murder House lets you relive the glory days of survival horror titles like Clock Tower with its polygonal graphics, cheesy dialogue, and tank style controls. Where it surpasses its predecessors is in the sheer amount of violence/gore and its attention to detail within its influences. Murder House is 100% an homage to cheap, gory slashers of the VHS era. From its VHS-cover-inspired title screen, intro, loading menu that looks like VCR tracking, and soundtrack, to the numerous “filters” you can put over the game’s graphics it takes those influences and transforms them into a playable 1980s horror film.


In Murder House a local news team breaks into an abandoned house to chase a salacious ghost story until a maniac named the Easter Killer (who may be a long-dead serial killer) initiates the chase. This one will definitely have you on-edge; the soundtrack is built for suspense and the Easter Killer is relentless. It’s a genuinely scary game that’s able to build a sense of dread and when the violence hits, it hits hard, from blood and severed limbs galore. It’s actually pretty insane in that respect. Also, bonus, not too long, but yet not flash horror either. Puppet Combo tends to keep his titles effective and reasonably priced, and Murder House definitely fits the bill, though it’s also available on major consoles unlike previous releases. Either way, it’s an absolute blast, and one that I definitely will be playing through again.


Murder House Official Steam

Written by Bobby, Connoisseur of the Simulated Realm & Former Child

Murder House
Puppet Combo (developer and publisher)
4.4 / 5