Morguiliath – Occult Sins New Unholy Dimension (Okkvlt French Black Metal)


You can usually tell when a black metal band is about to go in a different direction. Let’s see what we’ve got here, superficially speaking, to explain what I mean. Almost illegible logo, not one, but two upside-down crosses, Old English Gothic font, black and white aesthetic, uh oh… What was I saying before? Oh shit, I forgot, this dude is from France, lol, so that basically negates everything I just said. What first appears a trad BM crap drop from the ass that you’ll forget about in a minute presents a much different picture when you investigate the details.


Did I forget to mention that “occult” bit? Pay attention now. Morguiliath takes something of a different approach in this, his newest full-length. This isn’t kvlt it’s like okkvlt. So what does that mean? Well, though this is easily one of the coolest to pronounce band names ever, Morguiliath utilizes much more eeriness than you’re likely accustomed to. Though there are certainly the usual trad segments, much of Occult Sins New Unholy Dimension relies on a dark, ritualistic atmosphere, with various electronic interludes and non-traditional chording. This is not to say it will mess with your sensibilities, it simply does it in a more mysterious way. Much like the cover, which contains the usual trad elements, there is something “other” about it, best experienced in totality.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Morguiliath – Occult Sins New Unholy Dimension
Osmose Productions

Cover Art: Rats
4.1 / 5