Estertor – Tales from the Ancient Grave (Blackened Punked Thrash)


Hot daimn son. I’m late on reviewing this, but that’s just because of the stupid holiday and stupid dumb old eating stuff and no one has time for listening to cool trash music during that time because stupid Christmas stuff is blasting everywhere and uggghhh… So here we are, now it’s time. Please forgive me, Estertor, for not getting this out before release date. There’s a reason I’d even bother, it’s because I rarely give out a score this high, but Spain’s Estertor are not only deserving, they are destined. Destined to the greatest blackened punked whatevered thrash bullshit you’ve ever heard.


Tales from the Ancient Grave is the best shit I’ve heard in a long, long time. There’s a real key to how and why it works, which I’ll get to, but let’s settle the easy stuff. Riffs slay. Solos flay. Drums spray. Done. None of that really means anything, but it rhymes, so there’s that. Now let’s get to the primary reason Estertor are the new front of all that is blackened punked thrash. Them vocals. Though I can appreciate the horror film samples, the grim atmosphere, the punk ‘tude, and all of that, what’s really going to make you pause is the vocal delivery. Absolutely amazing, unique even, and trust me I’ve heard it all. Eduardo Castro (aka Paingrinder) keeps his level deep, but it’s something like a dad who’s actually cool and who you will listen to. There’s a maturity to it, a self-assured don’t-give-a-shit tone that will absolutely have you on the floor foot-kissing, the worm that you are. Part clean, part pompous, all cool. But yeah, the rest is killer too.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Estertor – Tales from the Ancient Grave
War Anthem Records

Cover Art: César Valladares
5 / 5