Blood Breed (Sad Bad Retro-Inspired Survival Horror)


The appeal of “retro” styled games has been in full swing for the last few years. Many gamers remember the good old days of survival horror and that’s where games like Blood Breed come in, an obvious throwback to PS1 horror from its blocky graphics, schlocky dialogue, and overall feeling of escaping over fighting. The official synopsis is as follows: your car breaks down in a mysterious area, full of horrific human remains, and you’re left to face a murderous maniac hunting you down. As you dive deeper into the story, you begin to discover the twisted and paranormal meaning of it all. Unfortunately, this one goes a little overboard with its “retro” inspired, blocky vibe. But, ultimately, that’s not the worst part of this game.


Blood Breed honestly could have been a really fun game. The navigation style puzzles were fun, but there are those controls. Old school games often used the tank-style scheme, but this game is really hard to control, especially during some of the chase sequences. I died numerous times from the controls flipping in the middle of playing and running into the killer. It was so frustrating I almost quit. Actually I did. Why? It kept crashing! I’d have to restart, make my way all the way back, get a little further, and then it would crash again. It’s completely ridiculous for a modern console like the Switch. It’s a shame; I liked where the story was going and the graphics actually created a pretty creepy environment at points. Unfortunately, the unbelievably bad controls and inexcusable crashes make it impossible to enjoy.


Blood Breed Official Switch

Written by Bobby, Connoisseur of the Simulated Realm & Former Child

Blood Breed
Blake McKinnon Productions (developer), Baltoro Games and Cool Small Games (publisher)
2.4 / 5