Diablery – Candles (Symphonic Greek Black Metal Mastery)


Really didn’t feel like listening to goddamn black metal this month. Don’t know why. Probably the vast number of shitass promos I received. Banal splits. Upside crosses all over the fucking place. Pointy logos. Stupid corpsepaint whateverthefuck. Some shit about snow. Tanks or something I don’t know. Holding swords as if to assault but yet with biceps as big as a three-year-old. I mean how does some of this stuff get released? But, as usual, in all the annoying emails I receive, there is occasionally something like Candles.


I guess it makes sense, though, because Diablery is at the top of the Greek BM underground, easily. They’ve kind of been that for a long time now, in spite of the fact that their output has been spotty, for the most part, though consistently resurrected once every four years. I wonder if that’s intentional. Hmm. Anyway this is their best to date, so let’s cut to it. Candles is a true collection of symphonic mastery. Choral arrangements, delicate classical sensibilities, a surprising inclusion of modern electronics, bright, shining riffs, and, man, that’s enough isn’t it? This one hits all the right buttons without an ounce of hesitance. Just get this shit. Only thing worth your time this week.


Diablery Official Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Diablery – Candles
Saturnal Records

Cover Art: Hextek Design
4.6 / 5