HAMMR – Eternal Possession (Swirling Bodies Blackened Speed Punk)


Nasty stuff this one. What can I expect from a guy who played guitar and drums for Demona holy shit? For whatever reason, and I don’t care to ask, he struck it out on his own with this act, HAMMR, right around the same time aforementioned Chilean speed metal harpy girl all but disappeared from the metal scene, except for occasional social posts, for reasons still unknown. So dude here decided fook it and he’d take that blackened punk energy and craft his own crush. The latest in his quest of smash is Eternal Possession.


Please note, the artwork used for this review is for the vinyl edition, which is not to be released until the summer of 2022. Honestly, the typical German woodcut look of the other versions is blah and not a proper representation of this aesthetic. This swirling gathering of bodies, well, that’s what HAMMR sounds like. The guitars are crunched into a space smaller than can contain them and the vocals are a harsh, awesome death punk scream combined with a roar, a scroar, if you will. They, along with the crusty riffs, are the true calling of this one-man beast on his own path. For all of its relatively consistent style that one would expect to bore over a few listens, Eternal Possession never seems to fail.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

HAMMR– Eternal Possession
Hells Headbangers Records

Cover Art: Nekromanzer Illustration
4.5 / 5