Valais – S/T (Oppressive Occult Black Metal)


Ahhh allow me, and then you, to relax and imbibe in this finely malicious black metal of the occult right here. It already had all the markings of the best of the best of the better best, but the true test, as usual, is beyond the visuals to the sound. Valais, in true modern fashion, are a completely goddamn mystery in many ways. There’s no information on who they are, other than their Irish background, no prior or active bands, no prior releases, no names, they’re simply a thing that took shape out of the darkness to give you a bit of that “holy shit,” but will hopefully continue to speak from the mists for at least a few more years.


Valais play the oppressive occult type of black metal that I’ve been finding one of the most successful variants of the last decade. We’ve heard the classic approach with the snow and the corpse paint and so forth, what more can it say? But it keeps saying it, the same thing. I, however, have heard too much, “it all,” figuratively speaking, I deserve more. After a cryptic, atmospheric intro, thus begins the unexpected, lonely riff patterns that mark Valais. There is a certain density to the sound many black metal bands lack, instead opting for the static field approach, but they also know how to calm their storm, with sorrowful acoustic sections and slower portions. The vocals tend to be quite classical in nature, but are masked by the differing presence of the music itself and tend to ooze more into the background. A clever, though likely unintentional effect. Regardless, this is a definite purchase aside from this extremely minor fault.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Valais – S/T
Signal Rex

Cover Art: Valais
4.4 / 5