Triumph – Retaliation Warfare (Dystopian Nuclear Assault War Metal)


This week has been slim with promos worth listening to, and as you can see only one of those was worth reviewing. The rest…I just can’t even… But Nevada’s Triumph, with that militant apocalypse looking cover, was probably going to be at least a safe pass because it’s war metal, but in this case more than that, and in unusual, though probably unintentional ways. As a bonus I believe this is the first release I’ve reviewed from Inhuman Assault Productions, so that’s cool.


Triumph is a rather straightforward assault of the war metal variety. The riff barrage is thick and bleeding, the drums a practical mess at times, and the vocals verging occasionally on goregrind and blackened. There are certainly a number of moments that will catch, but the most interesting aspect of Retaliation Warfare, and what kept my interest, is the bizarre effects on the bass, guitars, both, or maybe just everything. Sounding something like a dying computer, this strange atmosphere, what is likely an afterthought, creates a dystopian mood that perfectly fits the themes. A further curiosity is that in spite of every track having the same approach and effect, it somehow never wears. This is, of course, unlikely to be intentional and is merely a part of this particular release’s production, but for all the trash I received this week it was a welcome slam.


Triumph Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Triumph – Retaliation Warfare
Inhuman Assault Productions

Cover Art: Band
4.2 / 5

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