Rainbow Six Extraction (Strategy FPS and Aliens Too)


Rainbow Six Siege burst on the scene nearly seven years ago and quickly became a riveting success. Launching in the shadow of big-budgeted, action-packed, run-and-guns, it had a slow, methodical, style that appealed to a large group that wanted a “thinking man’s” FPS, if you will. Now in 2022 after numerous updates, we get the first “sequel”. When announced, Rainbow Six Extraction came with a lot of hate. Players were accustomed to the Siege style of human on human gameplay and PVP and they threw that out the window. In Rainbow Six Extraction, you still keep the three-man squads, and utilize operators directly from Siege with their corresponding gadgets and abilities, but, instead of PVP its PVE. The major difference, however, and the one that brought forth the most hate from its player base, is the fact that you’re fighting aliens.


At first glance, it seems weird to have a tactical, slow, equipment-based FPS against hordes of aliens, but after over twenty hours of gameplay, a love has blossomed. When paired with two teammates and mic, its loads of fun. My squad spent the entire first night dying and not accomplishing anything, but after we figured out each of our respective operators and their abilities, it flowed so smooth we were finishing almost all the missions quite easily, but it’s by no means an easy game. You basically pick your operator and drop in to the map with three random objectives. After you complete them you can either extract and keep the XP, or push forward and risk it all for the next objective. It’s quite exhilarating as you have to factor in the difficulty, new styles of enemies that will come into play, and a potential boss at the end. Rainbow Six Extraction offers weekly updates, challenges and playlists that keep things fresh and they recently announced a roadmap that teases exciting new operators and aliens, which shows Ubisoft is going to support this game for a while. If you dug Siege, give it a shot, its just familiar enough to easily transition into and is a blast with some buddies.


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Written by Bobby, Connoisseur of the Simulated Realm & Former Child

Rainbow Six Extraction
Ubisoft (developer, publisher)
4 / 5