Dauþuz – Vom schwarzen Schmied – Bergkgesænge (Mining Black Metal Works Wow)


Spectacular. Not only do we have here a band reinvestigating itself after only a few months, let alone at all, but we have a true achievement in the “niche effect,” which will hereby refer to any bands attempting to work bizarre themes into their sound. Usually tragic, here it’s epic. When so much has been done and restated, sometimes a new approach via thematics is good, but it needs to have clever hands behind it, and Jesus Christ who would have thought mining and black metal would ever be combined, let alone successfully?


Vom schwarzen Schmied – Bergkgesænge is actually a reworked version of Vom schwarzen Schmied, released in the fall of 2021. Though I’m pretty sure I noticed some changes in sound, the big detail is Dauþuz opted for clean vocals throughout the entire album. Now, the previous incarnation was certainly engaging, but still possessed a black metal sound typically German. Here, however, that national essence is brought to the front in such beautiful fashion it’s completely breathtaking. Mining, the forge, digging in tunnels, I mean holy shit I can’t believe that actually worked, let alone to this level. The usage of cavernous effects and depth adds further layers, and is a textbook of how different a band can sound with changes primarily to the vocals. The original version, cool, this version, for the love of god get it before it’s gone. Now excuse me as I go find a mine to work in.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Dauþuz – Vom schwarzen Schmied – Bergkgesænge
Amor Fati Productions, Helhallen

Cover Art: Band
5 / 5