Midnight Ghost Hunt (Get Owned Hide and Kill Prop Game)


Ah, the prop hunt. Such a simple idea, though this one is not the first game of its kind, with 2020’s Witch It coming to mind. Midnight Ghost Hunt is more serious in tone and darker, but for those of you unfamiliar with the concept, let’s start there. A prop hunt game is simply like hide-and-seek with killing. Here you’re in a team of hunters or ghosts (usually groupings of four), with various abilities, and your object is to beat the other team. Simple, right? Fooking wrong, prepare to probably get owned son lol, like usual for most gamers.


Midnight Ghost Hunt excels in some of its details but there is work to be done. Of course, potential server balance and teaming based on player level is a necessity, but in its current build this game is an easy draw for its theme, at least at first. Skills are purchased with “shards,” which are earned as a points system based on your performance every round. With most rounds running about 5-8 minutes, building your loudouts is quick, so don’t let the lack of gear at first dishearten you. However, as with any game of this nature, the expected pairing with absolutely beast teams who’ve learned how to exploit the game since beta is an unfortunate reality. With more equal pairing, which does happen, the potential glory of Midnight Ghost Hunt is revealed, but in its current state uneven teaming can, and will, happen. It’s just dropped in early access so check back if you’re uncertain, but if you’re ready to accept your demise at the hands of meta-lords in-between rounds of more casual play with balanced teams, it’s worth a look.


Midnight Ghost Hunt Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Midnight Ghost Hunt
Vaulted Sky Games (developer), Coffee Stain Studios (publisher)
4.1 / 5