Mistcavern – Into Twilight (Ethereal Black Metal)


Well wasn’t this a little surprise this week? Surprising in the sense that I thought it would be beyond typical, the usual, the banal. So typical it was likely a simple stereotype given form. But something told me in that hazy, miasmatic cover there was likely something of a musical equivalent. As usual, I was most certainly correct. Coming from Hungary, Mistcavern satisfy the old and the new school with Into Twilight.


Ethereal is the best way to explain this one. The usual black metal requirements of slightly lo-fi production, windswept riffs, and shrieking vocals, are most definitely present. Where this is taken further, however, is the keyboard action. Under less skilled fingers this usually results in disaster, and a distasteful form of dungeon synth more cringe than sinister. Into Twilight, however, is like a visitation from a specter as your mind wavers between sleep and wakefulness. It’s dreary and ghostly, evoking an ominous atmosphere that captures that old essence of black metal, yet finds a way to pull from it something surprisingly vivid, and most definitely memorable.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Mistcavern – Into Twilight
Iron Bonehead Productions

Cover Art: Band
4.7 / 5