Abythic – Eden of the Doomed (No Blue Balls Haunting German Death Metal)


Dang, shit’s tight, and strangely there aren’t many reviews for it even though I’m a bit late on this one. Plus I normally avoid EPs, mainly because I rarely see the point in them. It’s like, you got a few good songs together, why not just fooking wait until you have more and let loose a full-length? If you’re good at what you do, why blue balls the listener? It can happen, trust me; occasionally you’ll get those EPs that give you what you want but not more? Like WTF. So I was pretty miffed to see Abythic tossing this shit at me, but it actually turns out I was sufficiently satisfied. Like I could nap after this just fine.


So what I’m saying is an EP is fine, at least today. I don’t think I could personally take anymore of what Abythic deals out, in the good sense. This one is a a rumbling, haunting furnace of death metal with charred ghosts retching their woes. And somehow it’s just plenty even though well under 30 minutes. Probably because it tends to build slowly, and with its dark presence it works well. In fact, this is probably enough. A full-length would have likely felt ungainly and unnecessary. Very few bands are capable of making an EP worth a listen, and this is worth a purchase equally, if not for the fact that it will empty you out in a short period of time with no regrets.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Abythic – Eden of the Doomed
Iron Bonehead Productions

Cover Photography: Abythic
4.4 / 5