Writhing Shadows – S/T (Seething War-Like Death Metal)


Now wasn’t this a nice little war-like surprise? Sometimes when I’m running through promos stuff gets missed, or, in this case, stuff is sent late and almost gets deleted for that fact. But the cover, which hearkens back to 1970s sci-fi sorcery, swords, and guns themes, made it worth at least a quick listen. Then that quick listen turned into several listens. Then I realized Writhing Shadows was very awesome in their own war-like sort-of way.


This S/T doesn’t even waste a half second. It just starts and you’re done, in the “just got owned” sense. The cover is a retro trip, but musically, though I could draw a number of comparisons, I won’t. Let’s let it stand as it is: war-like, punishing death metal. The snare, with its slight, hollow echo, angry roars, shrieks, and riff/bass action combine like rumbling turbulence over hurricane tides. It’s effective in a generally simple way, but trust me, you will not fault it for that fact. Also, since the vinyl has yet to be officially released I guess I’m ahead of the game in a sense. Nice.


Writhing Shadows Official Instagram

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Writhing Shadows – S/T
Dawnbreed Records, Gurgling Gore

Cover Photography: Unknown
4.2 / 5