Vorare – The Drainage Rituals (Dark Industrial Auricular Violation)


Another late entry into the review pile be this one, which I only decided to cover because I so rarely get good experimental stuff. Hell, I can’t even remember the last time I received any at all! But, anyway, what makes good experimental good? It’s rather simple, but perhaps we should start with what makes the bad variety bad; no real knowledge of how to use instruments, drawn-out keyboard sounds to create a false sense of atmosphere, poorly-articulated sampling, and redundant themes. I could pull out plenty of examples, k, but let’s not. Let’s instead scope an example of “the good” via Finland’s Vorare, a true venture into auditory horror.


The Drainage Rituals starts with a vague theme suggestive of dark ritualism, and from this the mind naturally develops its own imagery as the music progresses. In this case, to assist you, consider the “drainage” both in the literal and figurative sense. Literally as a draining of some bodily infection, figuratively as a purging of the soul. To accomplish this Vorare utilize dark industrial, drone, electronica, and other genres within the darkvant-garde, but unlike those of “the bad” they understand the materials with which they work; it’s carefully blended, not simply splattered and chaotic. Beats echo from out of throbbing fields of sound and roars searching for meaning shatter the quasi-silence as the listener finds the duo encroaching on their personal sense of space. It’s a listen that invites at the same time that it violates. Perfect.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Vorare – The Drainage Rituals

Cover Art: Eeli Helin
4.7 / 5