IANAI – Sunir (Like Wow Finnish Experimental Folk)


Like wow, what’s with all these surprises this week that I almost missed WTF? This is one of those albums were perhaps but a few seconds in you’re absolutely passing out from its level of incredible and by the end you can’t believe it actually exists. Like how does someone write music this fooking good? It’s almost impossible, I swear, yet IANAI will prove that wrong for all of you.


Apparently this is but one project of some mystery musician under the name of “Trevenial,” but I won’t waste time talking about that, look it up yourself. Let’s merely consider the breadth of Sunir in as short of a span as possible. Coming from the more esoteric, with a good touch of darkness, folk field of Finland, IANAI have fashioned here a sound so breathtaking I’m practically incapable of writing about it. Part of the reason is the sheer density of the sound. There’s simply so much to discuss I’d have to switch to long-form format for this review and who the hell wants that? At this point I’ve wasted enough of your time, just listen to this masterpiece and, like wow, you’ll get it.


IANAI Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

IANAI – Sunir
Svart Records

Cover Photography and Art: Kerkko Ulmanen, Riina Peuhu
5 / 5