Turbo Overkill (Chainsaw Leg Cyberpunk Retro FPS)


Dang I don’t think anyone can do any wrong with this type of game anymore. The resurgence of interest in retro FPS has been, well, not so much a resurgence as an institution. I’ve covered a few games of this type over the past few years, and this recent drop is just sick. Set to be released in “episodes,” with the first out in full currently, Turbo Overkill features the typical details like most of its kin. The look, the music, the general style, the gameplay, this is a retro-inspired modern FPS, done. However, where it gets it better is the depth of the play and it comes straight from the creators of Duke Nukem. Also you have chainsaw leg.


As Johnny Turbo, your goal is to purge Paradise of an AI-controlled cult using like a bunch of weapons and shit. Abilities are minimal at first, but as you advance you can augment your body with various features beyond the cool chainsaw leg for sliding through enemies and leaving them a puddle of whatever remains. With the weapon variety, there is plenty of room to learn, which makes the generally fast play easier to grasp. A good comparison would be Ghostrunner, which though much different in scope, is often so goddamn fast that it really caters to the hardcore. Turbo Overkill provides that, but it also provides casuals with a more rewarding experience. The weapon set is impressive, elevating this one above the usual FPS fodder I receive. Amazingly it’s only in early access (lol WTF how), yet it feels like it was complete upon release. If we’ve got roughly two more “episodes” in the future, goddamn it’s never going to get old, it’s only going to get newer.


Turbo Overkill Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Turbo Overkill
Trigger Happy Interactive (developer), Apogee Entertainment (publisher)
4.7 / 5

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