Trembling Void – Demo I (Hodge Podge Raw Black Metal)


Dang can’t remember the last time I reviewed a demo but here we go fools. Usually I avoid them because they’re too raw, not in the aesthetic sense, but the just trash sense. That and they’re often not given a release beyond a homemade cassette drop, unless they have something to prove, or a label is stupid. Canada’s Trembling Void has something to prove, no doubt, otherwise Inferna Profundus wouldn’t be dropping this year-old demo on freaking vinyl. Dude’s not stupid, so we better listen to this one.


Dang this is something of a black metal hodge podge, but not the type that wording would suggest. The aesthetic remains raw, yet accessible, with a variety of approaches thrown into the mix, yet not haphazardly. After a basement D&D sesh intro, dude dips into haunting, visceral passages, yet can pick up the speed without losing his determined touch on the strings. There’s also an emotional unease to the sound, a melancholy that channels the listener’s depression into a hideous mass. Really a great offering, and the vinyl drop is in preparation for Trembling Void’s upcoming, and first, full-length this fall. Definitely check this, and then await that.


Trembling Void Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Trembling Void – Demo I
Inferna Profundus Records

Cover Art: Band
4.5 / 5