Thriller: A Cruel Picture (Swedish Rape Revenge Reborn in Blu-ray)


Ever watch a movie that delivers so hard that you feel born again? A film that delivers on so many levels that you pump your fists to the sky and praise your elder’s Gods that such brilliance could exist in this world? We’ll, get ready to wallow in the filth because both Synapse and Vinegar Syndrome have released editions of the seminal (and semenal) action-porno hybrid Thriller: A Cruel Picture on BlD. Don’t be alarmed, we’re taking a trip to the darrrkkk side. The beautiful Christina Lindberg stars as Madeleine, a young girl born under a bad sign. Losing her voice after being molested by a random deviant, Madeleine grows up only to find herself trafficked, hooked on heroin and partially blinded. An idea grows.  Madeleine starts training herself in preparation for something righteous. This is going to be a bold statement, but Thriller is a masterpiece. Having cut his teeth with Ingmar Bergman, director Bo A. Vibenius displays a surgical skill for creating tension, mood and fear. Lindberg became a lifelong sex symbol/cult icon after this film despite being a weak actress all around. Robbed of dialogue early on, she develops sympathy admiration through body language and facial expressions. The kicker? This film, full of hardcore sex and gruesome violence, is never dumb fun or presented to be titillation. It’s an ugly story framed by a surgeon’s hands. Once seen, never forgotten.


As far as which disc to get, isn’t it obvious? Vinegar Syndrome do the Lord’s Work and didn’t screw Kristy Jett over, so drop the extra money on their edition rather than Synapse’s HD upscale. The Vinegar Syndrome transfer from the 16mm negative is a thing of beauty, presenting a clean and natural image all around. Since this is a set, expect more than one edition of the film so you’re walking away with the softcore cut (also known as They Call Her One-Eye) which works just as well as straight exploitation. 
As far as the extras go, you’ve got a nice set here. First things first is a pretty thorough documentary, even if the elusive Bo A. Vibenius comes off as “eccentric.” Following this up nicely is a whopping three hours of interviews with the legendary Christina Lindberg. Along with some radio spots and an outtakes reel, you’ve got a nice excuse to drop collector’s prices. Vinegar Syndrome or Synapse? It’s a no-brainer. Show the world where you stand and fight the real enemy. Don’t be a square, drop the extra dollars on the VS set.


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Written by David, Comptroller of Your Last Scrap of Existence

Thriller: A Cruel Picture (2021, Blu-ray)
Bo A. Vibenius
5 / 5