Sickness – Daemones Sub Terra (Putrid Blackened Death Metal)


I’m moderately, or actually more than moderately, surprised that I couldn’t easily find a review for this one on the Internets. I mean come on WTF this is putrid Finnish blackened death metal! How is it possible at least one other person didn’t “get it” and crap out some words of love for the disgust? I mean this is quality shit right here! Whatever, I guess I’ll fill that void in your butthole. Sickness has been around but a short time and have to date only one demo and a messy EP called Nidus Diaboli that you might want to forgo to check out their first full-length, Daemones Sub Terra. I mean both are good but goddamn this is better.


This is pure putridity. Sickness were quite ratty before, but here the rattiness is more refined so it doesn’t wallow in the putrid. It rather elevates the putrid. The riffs are cut to shreds and scattered about with the drums at a slightly overamplified level as echoes and roars come from indeterminate spaces in the background. That’s either a recipe for success or disaster. The surprising factor here is how consistent these guys deliver without it ever getting stale. Or perhaps I should say perfumed (antonym)? That’s the thing about this type of sound, the more consistent the delivery, the more it tends to become redundant, but Sickness manages to maintain the listener’s attention with slight alterations in sound and various niceties to keep the puke flowing. Worth several relistens as well, which is always a plus.


Sickness Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sickness – Daemones Sub Terra
Nuclear Abominations Records

Cover Art: Rok
4.6 / 5