Medieval Demon – Black Coven (Macabre Romantic Black Metal)


They have…returned. I was first made privy to Medial Demon over a year ago upon reviewing their last full-length, Arcadian Witchcraft. Mixing macabre romanticism with occult horror was a nice mix, including church organ in the instrument line-up, which lent a sound in fitting with their themes. This time around, though still carrying that presence, they took a more sonically refined approach, with some new twists including an awesome ghost chorus intro, and one little detail which was unfortunately rather blah and almost a deal-breaker but you’ll overlook it because the rest is so incredibly genius. Black Coven is easily their best work to date and it’s easy to overlook this one little detail I’ve eluded to. What is it?


There’s a fucking saxophone in this shit. Goddamn guys WTF. It’s rare a band can carve out its own theme and matching sound, it’s another thing to see it grow into greatness with each new release. Black Coven, I must say, is easily Medieval Demon’s current masterpiece. Though the audio quality is less raw than before, they still retain that necromantic sound that made previous work so enjoyable. The organ, yes, is fucking back yo, and the inclusion of keyboards, though not technically “medieval” (ahem dudes), is utilized in a atmospheric way primarily, and when it isn’t it matches the rest of the macabre assault. Phew, and when they pull out those clean vocals? Goddamn it this is why I chose Hell. Yeah, there’s that damn sax, which almost entirely breaks the feeling of it all, but it’s too infrequent to care, and these guys are too good for it to matter. The orchestral components will totally overwhelm you, leaving you panting on the floor of whatever sickened cathedral these guys are playing within. Really a crowning achievement, just skip the fucking sax next time Jesus! Lol, no offense dudes it’s sick otherwise.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Medieval Demon – Black Coven
Hells Headbangers Records
Cover Art: Mark Riddick
4.9 / 5

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