Orthodoxy – Ater Ignis (Macabre Occult Death Metal)


Now here’s a solid release. Orthodoxy are a relatively new act from the recent Spanish vanguard of the macabre, with members from bands you mostly probably haven’t heard of. Ah, that’s how we like it around here! Obscure, dark…ahhh. So relaxing! Ater Ignis is but their second full-length, but continues their development into a brooding curse within the fog that leaves much time for wilting the soul.


Orthodoxy has something of a morose approach to their occult sound. There’s an undercurrent of dejection as it starts with a fitting opener, “Enter the Netherworld,” where the music is crafted in the form of a story; spectral whispers build behind lonely riffs, slowly collecting into the deep, burdensome sound of the rest. One of the things I enjoy about these guys is the sense of inescapable dread. They don’t simply claim the title of dark or occult death metal, they exude it. Shit sounds like it was all crafted in an abandoned cult tomb with mass suicide skeletons all over the fooking place. Soon to be legendary.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Orthodoxy – Ater Ignis
The Sinister Flame
Cover Layout: Lunar Revelations
4.6 / 5