Coffin Torture – Blennoid (Hallucinatory Sludge Metal)


I probably liked this more than I should have because of that cover art. I mean damn have you seen anything better than that in the past century? It tells you everything you need to know about Coffin Torture’s brand of sludge metal; it’s pungently sticky like mucous, and slightly hallucinogenic. And can you believe that art was made in house? Dang son. But hey, hold up now, sir, what’s Blennoid like musically? After messing around with EPs and who knows what, it seems they’re finally getting a vision and might be on to something.


Coffin Torture is relatively simple in their approach, much unlike the cover above. Obsessed with abstract stuff, Creepshow, and The Angry Beavers for some reason, Blennoid lumbers in its own muck, yet it always maintains its head above the surface instead of sinking. This is, in essence, what makes it work. The riff barf is fluid and easy to comprehend, the bass and drums largely following suit with the vocals echoing in a dripping, cavernous ruin. In comparison to their first full-length from 2018 (this is their next one), they’ve found a much cleaner, yet still filthy approach, is to their advantage. This is likely not the kind of thing that can survive beyond a few releases because of its general simplicity, depending on where they take it next, but for the moment it will pull you along and leave you forever stained.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Coffin Torture – Blennoid
Sludgelord Records
Cover Art: Alex Thorfinn
4.2 / 5