No Place for Bravery (Gory Pixelated Adventure RPG)


Yeah man I read some hate, some of that vitriol about this game, and it rather surprised me. Was I like into bad games? No, you fool, remember the reality of it all! Most gaming sites, especially bigger ones, crap out reviews en masse, and their “critics” play a few minutes and think they understand their subject matter. Also they always sound so damn bad at games. I mean, really, no notice of difficulty features and so forth, it’s just a sadness that defaces what used to be good names in the industry. I found it more fruitful to take the time to experience a game before I dash it into pieces, but in this case honestly within the first few minutes I was wondering what in the hell anyone was complaining about. No Place for Bravery is exactly what it offers, plus it comes with lots of gratuitous violence and amazing visuals, nice!


Taking the pixelated approach to the adventure RPG genre (with extra gore), No Place for Bravery puts you in control of old man warrior butthurt champion Thorn. The plot is rather basic at the start, though it develops some interesting storylines. The essence of it, as with the rest of its ilk, is hacking and slashing, gathering items, buying upgrades, lol repeat. Most whiners have complained about supposed bugs, none of which I encountered, but mainly the difficulty. Strange, since you can set it at the start… But okay, so yes, at times the enemies are punishing, but you’re supposed to adapt to them, duh! In actuality most of the complaints I’ve seen about this game stem from what can easily be understood as a lack of experience, or, rather, a lack of actually playing the damn game. The controls are fluid and there are plenty of ways to exploit enemy movements. See that dude who was a boss earlier? Oh dang he’s a regular enemy now and wow he attacks the same as before! Like, learn your opponent. Defend, watch, then attack. Most of it comes down to experience, and let’s face it most reviewers don’t have it. They play a few minutes, crap out their vitriol, blame the devs, and then go back to playing racing games or something. Lol. Dudes, take your time!


No Place for Bravery Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

No Place for Bravery
Glitch Factory (developer), Ysbryd Games (publisher)
4.2 / 5