Acid Witch – Rot Among Us (Thrilling Chilling Psychedelic Spooky Doom Metal)


This is what you call a masterpiece. And that’s great because honestly before this moment I always yawned when I saw the name Acid Witch. Lol sorry dudes. Dragging themselves behind the better acts in psychedelic doom, though I enjoyed their themes and often hilarious wordplay, they just didn’t offer much other than imagery that worked specifically on the surface. At least one album I can remember was recorded at a much lower, annoying level, others sounded like the band was desperate to just have “witch” in their name somehow, like so many failed doom acts. Rot Among Us is the moment they deserve the witch, and should be the only ones permitted its usage. This is a masterpiece.


So we have the same themes, similar art, and that tongue-and-cheek spookiness that would kill an average band, so what’s different? In my opinion this is the first time Acid Witch has proven themselves through the sound. Like some dustbin comic you pick up and notice old Halloween LP ads within, this is much like finding that very trash that filled you with sick wonder and enjoying what it provides. The spooky, 1970s Euro horror atmosphere, the witchy vocals, for lack of more fitting terminology, the crunchy riffs, daing boys WTF. Where was this shit before lol? Each track sets an amazing stage for the stories told within Rot Among Us, which is never entirely serious. This is part of the reason is so easily succeeds. The sheer amount of variety here is also amazing, especially considering the band’s, in my totally legit opinion, lackluster past. If they’ve got more of this in the future, just damn. Going to be hard to top, but they can rest their entire career on Rot Among Us alone, regardless of where they go from here.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Acid Witch– Rot Among Us
Hells Headbangers
Cover Art: Shagrat
5 / 5

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