Atomic Witch – Crypt of Sleepless Malice (Witch is Cool Death Thrash)


Well, what a nice mix of things this one is. I remember some years ago I went through a phase, let us say, of ripping on bands that used ‘witch’ in their name. Just too many of them! And here I am reviewing new drops by Acid Witch and now Atomic Witch in the same freaking week. I’m a fraud. Well, actually, in my defense, the real issue is that Atomic Witch is just super good and Crypt of Sleepless Malice is super cool. And damn it to hell, yes, witch is also cool.


There’s quite a bit going on here, actually. Though you’ll find the usual tags of thrash and death metal, though death thrash is probably the better terminology, Atomic Witch take some risks with their approach, including falsetto vocals and riff runs that sound closer to power or speed metal than anything else. But, somehow, they always successfully bring it back into a unique sense of self. They ride that witch for all it’s worth. They speed up, they slow, they screech, they solo, they WTF this is a lot of shit dudes! But it’s not a hodge-podge cornucopia of metal slop, somehow Atomic Witch can take that witch and make it shine. Not sure how, honestly, but damn this is a good listen. Witch is cool.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Atomic Witch – Crypt of Sleepless Malice
Redefining Darkness Records
Cover Art: Chad Keith
4.7 / 5