Scorn (Anatomically Inaccurate Childbirth Walking Simulator)


Have you ever wanted to experience the miracles of childbirth at the cellular level? Scorn is probably not an anatomically accurate reinterpretation, but from the mechanically mushy corridors to the gruesome parasite covered protagonist, it’s an absolute delight for horror fans with some of the most incredible art direction of any game I have played in recent memory, and while it is very light on actual gameplay, it is worth playing for the jaw dropping scenery alone. Forget the large screen encompassing HUD, forget tedious tutorials about how the game-world works, forget any logic or understanding and bask in the light that is Scorn’s art direction! Mechanically gushy desolation surrounded by rotting corpses, parasite-guns, and phallic statues are at the heart of what made it such a delight. The detail in the environment is unparalleled, which is a good thing because after you have gotten lost or killed by a grunt for the fifteenth time you’ll still be amazed by the same entrance hall’s or corridors’ distinctly gnarled textures.


The gameplay is reminiscent of old school horror games; borderline tedious, borderline unforgiving, and almost nothing is explained. There’s little to no HUD, no real inventory system, and for half the game I barely even realized you had to look down to see some sort of ammo count and health pickup counter. If you’re the easily frustrated type, this game can seem obtuse and unforgiving, and maybe that was by design. Gameplay consists of quick shoot-and-punch back-and-forth with various enemy types, and light puzzling. The puzzles themselves consisted of simple control of a blip or object from a terminal. Scorn is by no means a game for everyone, but those who want something different you should absolutely buy it. If you’re not into eye candy, and you’re not into sinking into a world of desolation and dismay, then it’s probably not for you. If you want to stop and smell the roses after getting pummeled to a pulp by a hulking monstrosity then it’s an absolute delight.


Scorn Official Steam

Written by Steve, Cleaver of Plebian Flesh

Ebb Software (developer), Kepler Interactive (publisher)
4.5 / 5