Nothingness – Supraliminal (Melty Death Metal)


I consider this part of the mystery of the label Everlasting Spew Records. Like, why don’t I seem to hear more about shit like this? Dude’s got the name down, and the roster he carries, daing. Case in point, the latest full-length form Minnesota puke lords Nothingness, Supraliminal, which, as far as a cursory search shows anyway, have yet to receive any attention for this pile of heaving trample mess, Supraliminal. Is it above the realm of consciousness? Well, I wouldn’t say that, but since the prefix sub- was probably already used too many times we’ll roll with that, screw it. Just let this one melt all over you.


I really don’t understand how this doesn’t seem to be reviewed yet. People, this is the kind of future death metal has in store for us all! Just pay attention! This is a smattering of vomited genre style upon your floor. You want to find a consistent form, but it’s its own mixture really, all stirred in there with the random food chunks and bile. At times it plays, at others it murders, thereby destroying general expectations for the average listener. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, these bums retch it back in your face, rechewed and redigested. With its various bends, twists, turns, and outright breakages, Supraliminal is an eclectic chunk of stomach disaster.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Nothingness – Supraliminal
Everlasting Spew Records
Cover Art: Mark Voortallen
4.6 / 5