Funereality – Til Death (STDeath Metal)


Well isn’t this fun? I’m probably going to far with my chosen fake genre for today, but it’s just how I’m feeling, okay?! After the downfall of Pungent Stench and a more recent release of an album stuck in production hell for years that was a general blah, I really missed that filthy groove and STD-rotted vocals that made me feel like a dirty little boy even though I’m not (sorry to disappoint). Had I been paying attention to Sweden’s butt junky Funereality, I would have forgotten all about that and realized the future is here! Now my sadness is erased and I can again feel dirty as I listen to pestilent riffs spewing forth from diseased genital regions, even though I’m pretty sure that’s not the thematic intention at all lol.


Funereality’s fairly prolific for only about a decade of the grotesque, though mainly in the form of demos and EPs (bummer). Til Death, his first full-length, was released independently at first, but is now seeing CD and vinyl drops this February (nice). The approach is fairly simple: grind some slutty grooves, puke out some nonsense about spinal sap, drop some entry-level trash horror films references, death rattle, repeat. That probably makes it sound rather mundane, but in fact Funereality is more clever with his devices. The riffs are unexpectedly fluid, the vocals front but not entirely self-centered, the grind grimey yet of the clear fluid type, taking the usual Swedeath approach and giving it some more AIDS bite. I feel like I’m going to see rot seeping goo from my pee pee. Not sure if that’s the intention, but I’m pretending it is.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Funereality – Til Death
Helter Skelter Productions
Cover Art: Beatrice Eversholt
4.4 / 5