Hallows Hill (Fin de siècle Dead Ghost Girl Escape Room Game)


Well, here’s a concept I’m now totally sold on. Most of what I receive for video games is through Epic or Steam, with the occasional console tossed in if we feel like it, because, let’s face it, PC ubermensch is a real thing. Console fools and Xbox douchebags (that’s a true fact, they’re all like that) get the scraps. Who cares about console exclusives? By chance I was given an opportunity to engage in a new experience outside of this usual state of things. You know of escape rooms, but what about that as an online experience? The essence of Hallows Hill has already been done, trust me. The example I always use is The 7th Guest, and that ran in freaking DOS for Christ’s sake. Spooky house, spooky tale, solve spooky puzzles, get spooky result. The difference is that Hallows Hill is only available directly through Wolf Escape Games’ website. As such, they took something of a gamble, but, well, let’s just say things went their way lol.


First thing, if you have any problems getting it to run, it’s totally user-end error (translation: you suck or your device or browser sucks). It couldn’t be any easier to enter Hallows Hill and with instasaves via the site, you can drop out and come back as you want, and, also kewl, play with friends in-person or online. Unlike many of its predecessors, Hallows Hill more closely connects with what you’re doing in-game. The graphics are lush and detailed, and the spookery involves séance fodder, tragic dead girls, and all of that. But connecting the puzzles to the story was an ace idea, making them integral to plot development and not simply visual afterthoughts. The immersion is extremely high because of this, providing a more captivating experience. Presumably with the success of Hallows Hill Wolf Escape Games will be dropping more “rooms” on their site, and with how easy it is to use, it’s a concept definitely well-played (get it?).


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Hallows Hill
Wolf Escape Games (developer and publisher)
4.7 / 5